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In order for the prosecuting attorney to file charges against someone for a drug crime, they must have sufficient evidence that establishes the defendant's involvement in the crime. For this reason, the collection of evidence is one of the most important elements of prosecuting a drug case. In an effort to collect the evidence needed to press charges, the police or detectives involved in investigating the crime may cut corners, make mistakes, or blatantly violate a suspect's rights against an unlawful search and seizure. If the police violated federal search and seizure laws, any evidence they obtained during the search can be suppressed in favor of the defense.

Search & Seizure Laws in a Drug Crime Cases

If you believe your constitutional rights were violated, it is best to contact an experienced Alabama drug crime defense attorney at Eversole Law, LLC who can search for flaws with the prosecution's case and/or a violation of your rights. The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects all American citizens from unlawful searches and seizure of person or property. Under the terms of the 14th Amendment, law enforcement officials cannot conduct a search of you or your property or seize anything unless they have a valid court-issued search warrant or they have just probable cause. If the police violate your constitutional rights by conducting an unlawful search and seizure, an Alabama drug crime attorney at Eversole Law, LLC can bring this fact to the attention of the judge and motion to have any evidence found suppressed or dismissed from court record.

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Working with an attorney who has experience defending people against drug charges in Alabama can significantly improve your chances of resolving your case successfully. I am attorney Steven Eversole, and I have a great deal of experience defending clients throughout the entire state of Alabama against all types of drug crimes, including manufacturing, possession, distribution, cultivation, and trafficking. If you think your constitutional rights were violated, I can review the evidence being brought against you to determine whether or not the police were in violation of federal search and seizure laws. I am committed to doing anything I can to help you successfully fight and overcome your charges!

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