Montgomery Drug Crimes Attorney

Legal Defense for Your Drug Charges

The severity of drug crime penalties makes drug charges especially frightening. If convicted, you could go to prison for years, even decades, be fined thousands of dollars, and have a criminal record which will seriously hinder your abilities to obtain gainful employment, housing, and loans. At Eversole Law, LLC, we understand the stakes and the emotions you are feeling. Even if you are only being charged with a misdemeanor such as drug possession, you do not want to be punished to the full extent of the law. When you retain a Montgomery drug defense lawyer at our firm, you will not only have skilled legal defense, but also representation that cares about your life and your freedom.

We have experience handling hundreds of charges such as beingunder the influence, drugdistribution, manufacturing, trafficking, and cultivation, as well as federal drug charges, out of state drug charges, prescription drug charges, marijuana charges, heroin charges, cocaine charges, methamphetamine charges, and others.

Our firm strives to have all drug related cases tried in special drug courts, which usually have lesser or alternative sentences and often will allow mandatory rehabilitation instead of prison. In addition, we are committed to our clients and their rights, and investigate law enforcement actions in each case to ensure that due process has been respected. Proof that evidence was obtained via an unlawful search and seizure can have the evidence thrown out and the case dismissed. Call our office today; we offer free case evaluations.

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If you are facing drug charges in Alabama, a defense attorney at Eversole Law, LLC may be able to help. Contact a Montgomery Drug Defense Attorney at our firm to learn more.