Marijuana Charges

Marijuana-Related Offenses in Birmingham

Although marijuana is generally regarded as less addictive than some of the more serious drugs, such as cocaine or heroin, authorities in Alabama continue to take crimes involving marijuana very seriously, prosecuting any individuals involved to the fullest extent of the law.

If you are facing marijuana charges in Birmingham, Columbiana, Huntsville, Montgomery, or anywhere else in Alabama, you can depend on an experienced attorney at Eversole Law, LLC to help you fight your charges. As a member of NORML and a well-practiced Alabama drug crime attorney, I, attorney Steven Eversole, believe marijuana crimes are overly prosecuted and unfairly punished. This is why I offer defense against all types of marijuana charges, including:

Unfortunately, the social stigma associated with any type of drug crime has only made it easier for prosecutors and law enforcement officials to continue prosecuting individuals who use or possess marijuana. If you are facing criminal charges for your alleged involvement in a marijuana crime, I can make sure you are given a fair trial, as well as comb through your case and any available evidence to ensure your rights were not violated at any point to during the investigation. Whether it means negotiating for a plea bargain, defending you at trial, or motioning to have evidence suppressed, I will do whatever it takes to help you avoid a conviction that could land you behind bars, strip you of your rights, and comprise your future.

An experienced attorney can significantly improve your chances of avoiding such penalties as large fines, imprisonment, and more. Contact Alabama marijuana lawyer Steven Eversole to discuss your charges and possible defense strategies at a free consultation!