House Arrest For Drug Related Offenses In Birmingham, Alabama

An alternative to serving a traditional jail or prison sentence, house arrest involves an individual being confined to their primary residence. House arrest offers a much less disruptive process for individuals than being sentenced to prison. The state of Alabama also benefits from house arrest because the state saves a substantial amount of money, which would be used to monitor and house an individual in jail or prison.

Eligibility For House Arrest in Birmingham

Individuals who do not have a prior criminal history and are charged with a drug related crime that was not violent in nature are often eligible for house arrest. Being a juvenile also often helps individuals obtain house arrest. In many cases, a judge will sentence an individual to house arrest when jail is as too harsh a penalty but parole is considered to be too lenient.

Electronic Monitoring Devices

During many house arrests, an individual wears an electronic monitoring device around their ankle which monitors the individual's movement. The electronic device transmits a signal, which is monitored to determine whether the individual has either tried to leave their house unlawfully or removed the device. Individuals are often expected to pay for the electronic device and monitoring service. Some electronic monitoring devices have alcohol or illegal drug monitoring functions, which can be used to alert authorities to whether an individual has consumed alcohol or ingested drugs. Many forms of electronic monitoring devices, however, will be unable to determine whether an individual is drinking or using illegal drugs, individuals who are caught under house arrest that get caught with alcohol or drugs will likely have to serve out the remainder of their sentences in jail.

The Requirements Of House Arrest in Alabama

House arrest does not mean an individual is necessarily always confined to their home. In some situations, an individual is permitted to either maintain employment or attend school. Individuals under house arrest also often attend drug education classes in addition to reporting to probation about such matters. However, house arrest almost always involve curfews. While in many cases, an individual is able to be released from a prison sentence early on the basis of good behavior, individuals sentenced to house arrest should expect to serve out the entire sentence of the house arrest. Individuals who are placed under house arrest are also subject to routine drug testing. Violations of any of the terms of house arrest can result in an individual being placed in prison to serve out the remainder of the individual's sentence.

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