Hoover Drug Crime Defense Attorney

Are you facing state or federal drug charges?

Being arrested for a drug crime is no laughing matter and you are going to need the assistance of an experienced Hoover drug crime defense lawyer now more than ever before. The criminal process can be extremely confusing, especially if this is your first brush with the law. How you will be prosecuted will depend upon your criminal history, what type of drug was involved, the quantity of the drug, and what you intended to use it for. For example, if you were caught with less than an ounce of marijuana on your person, your penalties will be much lighter than if you were caught growing ten plants on your property.

Sometimes there is a fine line between state and federal drug charges and many drug crimes are federal offenses that are prosecuted in federal court. Whenever you are caught manufacturing a drug, or with a large amount, or if you are caught crossing state lines you can expect to have federal charges pressed against you. Even seemingly innocent crimes like altering your prescription may seem like "no big deal," but even prescription fraud is a serious crime that can incur harsh penalties.

Drug Crime Defense Areas of Practice

Whenever you are facing state or federal drug charges, it's imperative to enlist the services of a highly experienced attorney who has successfully negotiated with prosecuting attorneys in the Alabama courts. At our firm, we can defend clients against virtually all types of drug crimes including: possession, distribution, marijuana charges, methamphetamine charges, state drug charges, federal drug charges, out of state drug charges, manufacturing, cultivation, as well as trafficking.

How a Hoover Drug Crime Lawyer Can Help

We can help you determine if your Constitutional rights involving search & seizure were violated, we can inform you of the relevant drug crime penalties and we can discuss any possible options for alternative sentencing. In every case we take on, we will search for an unearth any mitigating circumstances that may offer reasonable alternatives to jail or prison sentencing. These alternatives may involve the successful completion of a drug diversion program, which may result in getting the charges against you dropped altogether.

At our firm, we have extensive resources available to help us prepare the best possible defense on your behalf. We care about your future and we will employ our time-honored tactics to help us come to the best possible solution for your defense. We urge you to contact our firm immediately so we can start tailoring a defense strategy on your behalf.

If you are facing a state or federal drug charge, contact a Hoover drug crime defense lawyer from the firm immediately.

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