Federal Drug Charges

Depending on the circumstances of the crime, a drug case can be tried in either state or federal court. There are certain types of crimes that are more commonly prosecuted in federal court than others, such as:

  • Trafficking, smuggling, or importing drugs into the U.S. or across state lines
  • Distributing drugs across state lines
  • Large-scale possession/possession with intent to sell
  • Large-scale drug sales
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Large-scale marijuana cultivation
  • Transporting drugs internationally or across state lines
  • Prescription fraud
  • Conspiracy
  • Investing in illicit drug profits
  • Organized drug crimes (RICO Act violations)
  • Operating a criminal drug enterprise

If you are facing federal drug charges, it is crucial that you speak with an Alabama drug crime attorney who has experience representing clients in federal court. The federal court system is quite different from the state court system. In addition, the prosecutors handling federal cases tend to have more money, power, and resources at their disposal. You need an attorney who can mount an equally impressive defense, aggressively protect your rights, and stand up to the prosecution.

Contact a Birmingham federal drug lawyer!

At Eversole Law, LLC, we offer dedicated and experienced defense to people throughout the entire state of Alabama who have been arrested on federal drug charges. We understand the magnitude of these types of cases, as almost all federal drug crimes are punishable by years in federal prison, thousands of dollars in fines, and other serious penalties. In addition, most people charged with a federal drug crime face additional charges as well. For example, it is not unusual for a person accused of trafficking to also be charged with distribution, sale, manufacturing, and racketeering.

Most federal drug charges are filed after months, sometimes even years, of investigative work, giving the prosecution ample time to build their case against you. I am drug crime attorney Steven Eversole, founder, and managing partner of Eversole Law, and I can provide you with the uncompromising defense you need against your charges. Perhaps the police violated your civil rights? Maybe there is a flaw with the prosecution's case? Maybe the evidence is weak? Trust your case to me, and I will find an effective defense for fighting your charges. Contact an Alabama drug crime lawyer today!