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Under Alabama law, it is a crime to sell, furnish, give away, deliver, or distribute any type of illegal drug, narcotic, or controlled substance. If you have been arrested and charged with unlawful distribution of an illegal drug or narcotic, an experienced Alabama distribution defense attorney can provide you with the professional legal guidance and representation your case requires. Furthermore, by retaining the services of a skilled attorney, you can ensure the most effective defense strategies are being applied to your case in order to maximize your chances of overcoming your charges to avoid a life-altering criminal conviction.

At Eversole Law, LLC, we offer experienced and committed drug distribution defense to people throughout the entire state of Alabama. Whether you have been accused of distributing a small amount of cocaine to some friends, or you are facing charges for distributing large quantities of marijuana to a broader clientele, we can make sure your charges are aggressively fought and your best interests are protected.

Penalties for Drug Distribution

The distribution laws in Alabama are very strict, and the penalties for a conviction will undoubtedly result in serious penalties. Because drug distribution is a Class B felony, you could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison and ordered to pay a $30,000 fine. In addition, you could face enhanced penalties if the following circumstances are true:

  • You were found distributing drugs near a school or playground
  • You were caught distributing drugs directly to a minor
  • You somehow involved a minor in distributing the drugs

If you have been charged with distributing an illegal drug, make sure you protect your rights and future by contacting an experienced Alabama drug crime lawyer as soon as possible. I am attorney Steven Eversole, and I can provide you with the aggressive defense you need against even the most serious drug distribution charges. To learn more about the services I offer at my firm, please take a moment to call.

Contact an Alabama drug distribution attorney today to learn more about your legal options if you are facing charges.