Distributing Drugs To A Minor

When many individuals think of selling drugs, they think of an exchange with a stranger. The state of Alabama prohibits the delivery of controlled substances and does not distinguish among selling, delivery, manufacturing, or even giving away drugs without any financial compensation. While the state of Alabama criminalizes this type of behavior, Alabama has even stricter laws regarding adults who distribute illegal drugs to a minor.

The Law in Birmingham, Alabama

Law in the state of Alabama makes it a felony to distribute drugs to teenagers under the age of eighteen if the individual distributing drugs is eighteen or older. If an individual sells drugs to someone who is thirteen or younger, the individual will face even more significant penalties. These laws include the distribution of a variety of drugs including amphetamines, cocaine, heroin, morphine, and opium.

There are two ways that this crime can result in even more substantial charges. If an individual is found distributing illegal drugs on the campus of a school or within a three-mile radius of the campus, a penalty of five years in prison will be added to such a charge. Individuals also face an additional penalty for distributing drugs to a minor within three miles of a public housing project.

Penalties For Distributing Drugs To A Minor

Even individuals who do not have a prior criminal record and are charged with a nonviolent offense, the resulting penalties can be substantial. Individuals who are charged with distributing drugs to a minor face significant penalties because this charge is considered a Class A felony. If convicted, individuals faces a minimum of ten years up to life in prison. Individuals might also face fines up to $60,000. The state of Alabama also refuses to grant probation for this type of an offense.

Distributing Drugs To A Minor in Birmingham

Fortunately, there are several ways that individuals can defend against charges of distributing drugs to a minor. Some of the potential defenses that are most often used by individuals include individuals who can demonstrate that the alleged illegal drug was not a controlled substance but was legal in nature, that the individual who is charged with the offense had no intent to distribute drugs, an illegal search and seizure resulted in the violation of constitutional rights of the individual, or that law enforcement does not have any evidence to demonstrate that the individual was distributing drugs to a minor. Some individuals are even able to claim the defense of entrapment, which occurs when an individual would not have committed the crime in question without the aggressive nature of law enforcement.

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