Dexedrine And Desoxyn Charges

Dexedrine and Desoxyn are in the amphetamine family and used for the treatment of ADHD and ADD. These drugs are also used to treat narcolepsy and depression. Because Dexedrine and Desoxyn have a similar chemical composition to methamphetamines, many individuals attempt to use the drugs in a manner similar to methamphetamines. It is critical to contact a Birmingham drug crime defense attorney if you face criminal charges involving these or other substances. 

Classification Under The Controlled Substances Act

Dexedrine and Desoxyn are classified as Schedule II drugs by the US Controlled Substance Act, While effective as medication, these drugs are very similar in nature to methamphetamines, which results in the high potential for abuse and severe psychological or physical addiction. Individuals who use methamphetamine and individuals who are prescribed the the drug are two of the groups who are at risk for addiction.

Defending A Possession Charge

There are several potential defenses that individuals can uses in response to a charge for illegal possession of Dexedrine or Desoxyn. One defense is if an individual actually had a valid prescription for the drug from a licensed doctor even if the prescription was not readily available at the time that the individual was charged. If an individual faces a charge of constructive possession in which the individual was not found to be directly in control of the drug, an individual will likely be able to argue that law enforcement has failed to present a sufficient amount of evidence to demonstrate that the drug was in the control of the individual. An individual might also be able to argue that law enforcement did not have probable cause to search an individual's home or possessions.

Penalties For Possession in Birmingham

Individuals who are charged with possessing Dexederine or Desoxyn without a prescription or in an illegal amount face significant penalties. A charge for possession of these drugs can result in a several year prison sentence and a substantial fine. Some individuals who face a Dexedrine or Desoxyn possession charge if sentenced with a first time offense in a non-violent nature might be able to participate in alternative sentences including a drug diversion program.

Individuals can also face the loss of professional licenses and driver's license privileges due to possession charges of these drugs. Individuals might also be faced with a permanent criminal record that can affect one's occupational and educational goals. In addition to charges related to the possession of Dexedrine and Desoxyn, abuse of these drugs can cause a variety of side effects including anxiety, diarrhea, difficulty sleeping, nausea, rapid heartbeats,  and in some cases can even be fatal.

Contact an Experienced Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorney

If you face criminal charges due to the possession of either Dexedrine or Desoxyn, do not hesitate to contact experienced Birmingham criminal defense attorney Steve D. Eversole who can help construct defense to these types of charges.