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If you or someone you love has been arrested for, charged with, or is being investigated for a drug related offense, you will need to retain a skilled Decatur drug crimes defense attorney. Drug charges are very serious, and penalties can result in decades in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. At Eversole Law, LLC, we work to defend your rights and protect your freedom. We handle hundreds of clients every year, and have been able to have charges dismissed because of unlawful search and seizure by the police, having your charges reduced, or negotiating with the judge for alternative sentencing, such as rehabilitation, work-release programs, supervised probation, or electronic monitoring. Alabama has special courts for drug crimes that focus on rehabilitative treatment instead of imprisonment. We strive to keep you out of prison and living a normal life.

We have successfully worked with clients who have been charged with all types of drug crimes in Alabama, including drug manufacturing, cultivation, possession, distribution, trafficking, driving under the influence, prescription drug charges, methamphetamine charges, marijuana charges, federal drug charges, out of state drug charges, and driving under the influence.

Our mission is to protect the rights of each and every one of our clients by providing them with aggressive legal defense, thorough case investigations, and experienced court room negotiations.

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