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Drug crimes in Alabama are prosecuted very harshly and it is common for someone convicted of a drug crime to receive the maximum sentence and penalties. In addition, many drug related offenses are federal crimes as well as state crimes, and it is possible that you can be prosecuted in both courts. At Eversole Law, LLC, an experienced Birmingham drug crimes attorney can aggressively defend your rights in court. We have defended clients in county courts as well as federal courts for drug offenses such as: cultivation, distribution, trafficking, possession, manufacturing, marijuana charges, methamphetamine charges, prescription drug charges, federal drug charges, out of state drug charges, driving under the influence, and other drug crimes.

Our firm represents hundreds of clients every year in Birmingham courts. We are dedicated professionals who firmly believe in every citizen's right to due process. We thoroughly research each case, and make a point to ensure that you have not been a victim of unlawful search and seizure. You are innocent until proven guilty. We also work with clients to discuss alternative sentencing options, such as drug diversion treatment, work-release programs, supervised probation, and more. Drug penalties can be very severe, so it is important that you retain a Birmingham drug defense lawyer whom you can trust to represent your rights.

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